Friday, March 2, 2012

Reviews 3/1/12

Cannibal Corpse "Torture" (Metal Blade)
Jesus, these guys are still recording albums? What is this #15? You would think they ran out of ideas by now, but with titles like "As Deep as a knife
will go" and "Followed Home then Killed" it's clear they still got a couple of diabolical ideas under their sweaty tshirts. ANyways, by now everyone has
heard Cannibal COrpse and we all know how they roll. Heavy, brutal, and always a couple new ideas. "Scourge of Iron" is a great example of why Cannibal Corpse
is a great band. You'd never expect a slow, sludgy, almost bluesy riff. Most brutal Death Metal bands can't slow down without sounding like Morbid Angel. But
you gotta hand it to the Corpse (without the body of course), they always find new ways to slice n dice and it's always top notch. This band is extremely self
concious. They know exactly what they've done. And they try not to repeat too much without straying from the basic formula. They aren't outta gas yet. Fucking
A, god bless Cannibal Corpse. Not a band I will miss anytime they are in town. And all the kvlt people can kiss my arse for saying that! This is talent, no
doubt. Only flaw here really, is the Corpsegrinder is starting to sound just a TAD worn out. His job is tough. He has like 3 voices to choose from. That's it.
It's gotta get boring after a while. He needs to do a song where he just talks as fast as he can the WHOLE song. Just fucking auction style. If I ever meet
him I am going to suggest that.

Christian Mistress "Possession" (Relapse)

Singer sounds like the Jefferson Airplane chick. I wish they would do "White Rabbit" I really feel like hearing that right now. Anyways, yeah the band...
Well we've got some obvious classic blues rock riffs going on, some 60s groovy doody stuff...quite retro, but I'm not gonna pass this off as total hipster
retro crap. But I'm not gonna say it's that great either. It's pretty rockin, and I'd say there is some chemistry goin on. But for the most part - it's all about the
chick here. She probably tells all the other guys on a daily basis "hey, you know it's all about me right? If I leave your fucked. You know that right?" Whoah
hey now Mr Choppy guitar! We got some good shred here! I'd say the NWOBHM comparison is valid a times. But it's not all they do. This ain't bad. I may check
em out next time I'm in town. I wouldn't say this is the best the band can do. It sounds like they are too busy being stoked on what a killer singer they scored
and how musically gifted they are. But when the dust settles, I can see this band writing an amazing album. I hope they stick with it. I bet they kick ass live.
But again, as soon as I start getting into it, I'll see all the chicks up front worshipping the singer like she's the first woman to ever front a band like this
and then I'll be like "ah, come on - she's very good, but that isn't necesarry!" Songs are pretty good and they vary. Parts aren't memorable enough. I'm being
too hard on them. They are good, check em out!

Date Rape "Sugar Coated Violence"
Ukrainian Punk infused shit. If I was totally wasted and in the right mood watching this band playing, and if the right crowd was there to cheer me on,
I'd be in the front row falling down and high five-ing the crazy singer here. The pit would be great. But that's alot of "ifs" and somehow I doubt I'll be in
the Ukraine anytime soon. If you like foreign Punkish loud shit with some dude yelling some foreign shit all loud and monotonous, go for it.

Formloff "Spyhorelandet" (Eisenwald)
Wow, nice fucked up creepy album cover. This is some good creepy shit. What the hell is this guy talking about? It's in a foreign tongue. I'm kinda glad
I don't know wha he is saying, as it is more cryptic and creepy that way. This is almost too easy for these guys. It's so perfectly obscure, yet grim.
Reminds me of my favorite Bethlehem material, and that is not a compliment I give often. The singer rules. He's fuckin wierd and has a few insane tricks
up his sleave. Do not trust him! Very grim and dark. There is an obvious deep rooted Black Metal basis somewhere in here. But here is what is called
progression. As opposed to stagnation and staying in the same generic BM territory. this is a band that knows they must follow their obscure path forward,
and they have done very well here. This is great. I would buy this and listen to it many times. I eat this shit up. Highest rating!

Impiety "Ravage and Conquer" (Pulverised Records)
There is something here that is more than just raw brutality. There is a certain feirce pissed-off hateful feeling this band evokes that is hard to pin
down. I have noticed this trait on most of their recordings. While it's not much different than many extremely brutal bands such as Krisiun and maybe
Angelcorpse in their prime, not many bands can get this feeling across with such consistency. It's not a real specific genre, which I like. It's just really
fast, brutal, and feirce. But it is Death Metal more than anything. It is a blast to the face, nothing less and nothing more. Music to destroy things to.

Thunderkraft "Totentanz" (Svarga Music)
Ah yes! Let us ride to a foreign land and bomb the shores! I dunno why I said that, it's just what these horns and anthemic riffs made me wanna do.
This band is Ukrainian. I get a very narrative vibe from this. But it's a foreign language, so I dunno what the singer is going on about. I think he is saying
"bombs are dropping! Buildings are falling! People are dying, oh how marvelous!" Then this funny looking guy with a strange foreign fashion sense busts in with
some harpsichord keyboard line, just to remind us that we are listening to music from a foreign land. This is very intense, and quite foreign. I suppose it
is kind of like industrial folk Metal with heavy down tuned guitars. It sucks actually. But you know, it's foreign, so people will like it based on that I
guess. Hopefully they can make it onto next year's Pagan Fest and all the confused "Pagan Metal" people can be all stoked at how foreign this band is and that
they are so very exotic for attending a performance by such an obscure band. Ok, maybe SUCK was an extreme word. They are rediculous, and sometimes I like this
stuff. But a band like Metsetoll delivers the same sort of vibe but with more musical integrity. It has it's moments though. Ok, maybe if I'm drunk enough
I'll be one of the people digging the foreign ness of this at Paganfest. It just kinda blends in with typical "pagan whatever metal" somehow. The flute
is kinda cool though.

Toad "Rotten Ride" (Independent)
Ok, this is a trip. From the album cover to the title - I get a real watery loch ness monster sorta feeling. I kinda assumed this would be some weird stoner
rock or something. Instead - it's a bunch of guys kinda jamming in a thick, moody, heavy, dirty manner. It's not so Metal as it is just kinda chaotic and hectic.
The vocalist is useless. He's the type who just shouts without any sort of character which adds anything to the music. All I can think of is some band I seen
at a bar in he Mission back in the 90s. A band who I woulda been way into. But on CD and without the reference of whatever scene/town they are from, it's hard
to get any sort of personal attachment to this. Sometimes I call this sorta band "Unsatanic" because basically, it has many traits of metal, but it's devoid
of any sort of mideival, satanic, classically metal vibe. They sound more like bike messengers or something. Or like a bunch of vaguely hardcore/vaguely
Metal dudes who just got together and said "let's see what happens." It's kinda cool, but like I said - random band at a bar. The good production isn't enough
to bring this TOAD out of the ROTTEN tide. They also have that annoying "no guitar solos allowed" rule, which is almost always a dumb rule.